A Canadian Screen Award nominated Production Designer with flexibility and range, Rupert Lazarus believes there is an elegant solution to any design challenge. Using his creative instincts, he creates a cohesive world through a combination of color, texture, and character back-story.

A graduate from the Chelsea School of Art, Rupert was born and educated in London, England, where he began his career, before moving to Canada in the late 90s.

Since then, he has worked on such diverse projects as James Toback’s Harvard Man, George Romero’s Diary of the Dead, and Jon Cassar’s Danger Beneath the Sea, where his studio-built attack class submarine earned him a Director’s Guild of Canada nomination for Outstanding Production Design.

Rupert is not averse to travel or to working in far-off or unusual surroundings; the period series Murdoch Mysteries took him to the Arctic Circle, whilst Sudz Sutherland’s feature film Home Again was shot entirely in the Southern Caribbean.

I love the challenge of working in new environments. Keeping a close eye on the creative while navigating the inevitable surprises. Its all part of the collaborative journey, and should be embraced.

Other credits include the NBC pilot Love is Dead, the crime thriller series Eyewitness for USA network, and CBS’s Mayday. And for BET, the fashion, music and celebrity dramedy Single Ladies, as well as In Contempt, a New York City courtroom drama.

His layered and unconventional design for the CTV series Satisfaction earned him a Canadian Screen Award nomination.

“My own approach is to bring honesty and depth to the characters and their surroundings. To paint a picture as we move through the narrative. Production Design is meant to go beyond the visual and physical setting of a story. It should bring the characters and their personalities to life.”


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